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Prudence, Chapter 6

The brunette glanced at Mark, who pointedly placed his hands on the arms of the chair. She smiled shyly, the soft expression quite different from her usual cynical grin.

Still watching him from the corner of her eye, Kayla turned to Kristen, smoothing a lock of silky red-gold hair back from her friend's face. She ran her thumb gently along the line of the other girl's jaw, and Kristen turned her head, lips brushing the inside of Kayla's wrist.

Kayla drew a sharp breath when Kristen's tongue darted out, caressing the spot where her pulse beat frantically.

Drawing back, she took Kristen's head in her hands, burying her fingers in the girl's red-gold curls. Kayla tilted Kristen's head up and looked searchingly into her deep green eyes.

Kristen smiled hesitantly, and Kayla's hard grey eyes softened. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she murmured.

Kristen flinched, hurt. "You don't have to," she whispered, eyes downcast.

"Sweetheart, no...I did not mean I didn't want to!" Kayla kissed her hastily, then pulled back just enough to speak. "I just can't believe it's not a dream," she whispered.

Kristen looked relieved. "Good, because I don't think I can wait much longer. Oh, Kayla, please?"

"Yes." And she pulled Kristen into her arms, kissing her passionately.

Kristen moaned against Kayla's lips, her hands going around the smaller girl's waist and sliding down to cup her ass.

Kayla shivered, her lips leaving Kristen's as she kissed her way down the girl's soft white neck.

Mark could see the chills spread down Kristen's chest, and he watched as her nipples hardened when Kayla blew softly across her ear. He gripped the edge of the chair tightly, wondering if he really knew what he was getting himself into. Kayla's mouth moved lower, and Mark swallowed hard as Kristen whimpered and arched her back beneath the other girl's teasing lips.

Kristen's eyes were closed in pleasure as Kayla slowly kissed her way down her chest. She could feel the building need like a great hungry beast inside of her, ready to gorge gluttonously the moment she freed it. She whimpered again shocked at the strength of it. _I fed you, it hasn't been that long..._ she thought. She vividly remembered how she'd spent her lunch period; David's cock buried in her throat while he stroked her hair, murmuring tenderly in Japanese, his mother's language which he spoke as easily as English. The intense satisfaction when he came down her throat, the sense of satiation she felt, made her wonder how she'd been ignorant of her nature for so long. It was so obvious once she knew what to look for. She gasped as Kayla's mouth closed on her nipple. "Oh! Oh, god, yes!" So felt so good to be touched, stroked, petted. It might not satisfy the hunger, but it spiced it, enhanced it. It made it almost unbearably intense.

She wrapped her fingers in Kayla's tight brown curls, clutching her to her chest for a moment before tugging the smaller girl away, unable to wait any longer.

Kayla gasped as Kristen rolled her onto her back and moved on top of her. She stopped breathing when Kristen's hot, wet mouth descended to her breasts, the other girl's expert tongue lapping all around the swollen nipples while she caressed the soft, white mounds with both of her hands.

Kayla was out of her head with desire. No one had ever touched her breasts before, much less kissed them, licked them...she cried out as Kristen sucked a nipple deep into her mouth, squeezing her legs tightly together against the growing ache between them.

Kristen slid her thigh between Kayla's, spreading her legs as she licked her way down the girl's stomach. When she came to the waistband of Kayla's jeans, she nipped gently around the quivering teenager's naval while her nimble hands unfastened the jeans and slid them down over Kayla's hips.

Kayla arched her back so that Kristen could get the pants off and felt her hook her thumbs beneath the waist of her panties, drawing them down and off with the jeans, leaving her totally exposed. She turned her head and caught site of Mark. She blushed, having forgotten he was there, suddenly shy.

Not that she had a lot to be shy about. _My, but you can hide a lot beneath baggy sweaters_, he thought, looking at her. Kayla was very small, he could have wrapped his hands all the way around her waist. Her little body was hard and firm, with beautifully defined muscles, but her large, soft round breasts, as well as the slender but definite curve of her hips, made her far from boyish. She lay in the tangled nest of her lustrous mahogany curls, little pixie face flushed with desire, and it was impossible to see how anyone could see her as asexual. Heavy black lashes brushed her cheek as she closed her eyes, surrendering to the pleasure of Kristen's mouth trailing up her inner thigh.

Kristen lay between her friend's spread legs and laid her cheek on Kayla's firm thigh. She licked her lips, basking in the feeling of the other girl's lust. Turning her head slightly, she sought Mark's blue eyes, needing his approval despite the desperate craving that was building within her. She was more than half afraid of what she would see in his gaze, afraid she'd see disgust, or hurt, or anger, not knowing how she'd handle that but certain that part of her wouldn't survive it.

When he met her eyes, though, all she saw there was love and desire. Her power reached for him...she could feel it almost like a rope binding her body to his...and from that connection she could feel the strength of his arousal. The intensity of it made her gasp, and she rolled onto her knees above the other girl, lifting her ass and spreading her legs apart. She looked back at Mark over her shoulder, her eyes a blatant invitation. "Mark..." Breathless with need, she arched her back, the glistening folds of her cunt parting slightly, beckoning to him with the pink core of her body.

Mark groaned, trembling. "Kristen! No, love, not this time." Sweat beaded on his forehead. "Not when you're caught up in it. You have to say yes when you're calm, or it's not valid." _And I think I might die now. Gods!_

Kristen whimpered, wiggling her hips. "Mark, please! I need you! Oh, god, I can't wait..." She bent her head and ran her tongue across Kayla's clit.

The little brunette screamed in shocked pleasure, almost coming off the bed. Kristen buried her face in Kayla's cunt, pressing her lips hard against the opening and probing its warm depths with her tongue.

"Kris! Oh, goddess, Kris! Don't stop, angel, please!" Kayla sobbed with pleasure, her body writhing beneath the redhead's talented tongue. " good, it feels so good. Ah!" She stiffened, grabbing Kristen's head. "Yes! Fuck! Lick it, Kris, lick my clit...ohhhh, yeah love, that's the way..." Kayla ground her cunt into Kristen's face.

Kristen sucked the hard little nub of Kayla's clit into her mouth, gently working it with her tongue. Her own hand strayed between her legs, fingers sliding across her slippery cunt lips and slipping inside her dripping wet pussy. Mark saw her cunt clench around her fingers as she shuddered, and he knew she was coming, hard, as she sucked Kayla's clit, pushing the smaller girl towards orgasm.

Kayla moaned incoherently, her head thrashing from side to side. Every muscle was locked, trembling, as if her tightly held body was suspended from that tender bit of flesh between Kristen's lips. Kristen moved her other hand from the bed and slid two fingers into Kayla's tight little cunt, and that was all it took.

"Kristen!" she screamed as she started to come, her whole body exploding with pleasure The spasms went on and on, starting to fade, but then Kristen would shift slightly, changing the movement of her tongue and they would slam into her again, even stronger, until she couldn't even draw breath to scream.

Kristen slid her fingers in and out of Kayla's cunt, feeling the girl's orgasm squeezing them painfully tight. The hand between her own legs worked frantically, four fingers stuffed into her cunt as her thumb coaxed another orgasm from her engorged clit.

Finally, she cried out, collapsing on the other girl and letting Kayla drag her mouth from her throbbing, over-sensitized clit. She felt drunk with satisfaction, drifting in the warm pleasure of fulfilled need. With a sigh of purest contentment, she closed her eyes and lay her head on Kayla's quivering stomach.

Kristen's breathing calmed, and she opened drowsy eyes to look at Mark across Kayla's thigh.

Mark smiled at Kristen, trying to show her how much he loved her.

She rolled onto her back, head pillowed on Kayla's stomach, and held out her arms. Mark glanced at Kayla, not wanting to alarm her, but she just stretched leisurely, idly playing with Kristen's hair, spreading it across her body. She smiled in a friendly, dazed sort of way.

Mark moved to Kristen, snuggling up to her, and she moved her legs apart and hooked them around the backs of his knees, pulling his head down to kiss him.

He kissed Kristen passionately, and she returned the kiss with interest, sliding her hands under his shirt and up his bare back. He nibbled on her neck, gently, and she sighed happily, hands moving around front and starting to undo the buttons on his shirt. He pulled back slightly, glancing at Kayla uncertainly.

The smaller girl slithered from beneath Kristen, squirming around so that she was laying pressed up against her side. She slid her hand between the two of them, cupping Kristen's breast, making her moan quietly. Kristen turned her head from Mark for a moment to capture Kayla's lips in a kiss.

Mark nibbled on the curve of her jaw as she kissed Kayla. Kristen finished with the buttons, tugging his shirt open impatiently. Mark helped her slide his shirt off, bending his head to flick his tongue across her nipple, and Kayla took advantage of the opening to bend to the other nipple.

Kristen gasped and arched her back off the bed as Mark nibbled around the edge of the nipple.

Kristen bent and whispered in Kayla's ear. The other girl listened, then drew back, looking at Kristen with a slightly concerned expression. Kristen pulled Kayla's head back to hers, kissing her gently, then nodded emphatically.

Kayla shrugged slightly and nodded, and Kristen pulled Mark's upper body tightly against her, tugging at his hair until he raised up enough to kiss her.

As Mark kissed Kristen thoroughly, Kayla moved where he couldn't see her, but he could feel her hands at the waistband of his pants, unfastening them. His eyes widened and he looked at Kristen, trying to make sure that this was what she wanted. She smiled and moved her own hands down, helping the other girl with the zipper.

Mark groaned and closed his eyes, lowering his head to nibble on Kristen's earlobe as Kayla slid his pants down over his hips. Kristen arched her back beneath his touch, pressing rhythmically against him as his rock-hard cock sprung free.

He heard Kayla gasp, then felt her hand hesitantly caressing his balls as his hard dick slid between his and Kristen's bodies, gliding over her wet cunt. Mark shivered, closing his eyes tightly. "Oh, good..."

Kayla's other hand slid between his legs, fingers brushing against Kristen's wetness, and circled his dick, guiding it to the opening of the girl's cunt.

Feeling the head of his dick engulfed in tight wetness caused Mark to shudder convulsively, his entire body tense with the effort of holding still, waiting.

Kristen squealed, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. "Oh, god...oh yes! Please please please...please fuck me!"

Without hesitation, Mark obliged, thrusting hard into her, the way he knew she wanted. Kristen whimpered, her nails digging into his back, then her voice rose to a scream when Kayla wriggled down between their spread legs and stretched her tongue to lick at the bottom of her cunt where Mark's cock was sliding into her.

Already on edge from watching the two girls earlier, Mark squeezed his eyes closed and clenched his jaw, struggling not to come, but the feel of Kristen's cunt clenching around him with her own orgasm, and of Kayla's tongue brushing his cock where it slid into the other girl was just too much. The spasms hit him hard, the pleasure so intense it was almost pain, the feeling of Kristen's cunt squeezing him rhythmically driving him insane. It seemed to go on forever, as if his body were unwilling to stop until Kristen released him.

Finally, with one last shuddering groan, Kristen fell limply back, her legs slipping from Mark's hips as he collapsed on top of her and Kayla slid from between their entangled legs.

"That was...good," Mark panted against Kristen's chest.

She lay quietly, getting control of her breathing back. "Mmmhmm." She opened lazy green eyes and smiled. "I feel...stuffed."

Kayla laughed. "You are stuffed, dear."

The redhead giggled. "Not like that. Not just like that, anyway. my skin can't quite hold me, like a pot about to boil over, y'know?"

"You like?" Mark asked with a smile of his own. "You've had...well, I'm assuming that Kayla was as filling as I am...two good meals."

"I know, but it felt like more than two. More like four or five in the space of two. I think there's a feedback loop or something."

Mark turned his head and looked at Kayla thoughtfully, then looked back at Kristen. "Was it that Kayla was involved when I was making love to you?"

"Yes, but even before that, when you were just watching. It was just more somehow."

"Hmm. Wonder what it would be like if we were truly all three making love at once, then," Mark mused.

Kayla swallowed hard.

He glanced at her. "Sorry, I didn't mean to sound pushy. I was just curious."

"Did I say you were pushy? I don't remember saying anything like that?" She clapped her hand over her mouth, blushing.

"Oh. I just saw the expression on your face and...assumed again. Sorry."

"We're not done, are we? Already?" Kristen asked, her tone wistful.

Mark raised an eyebrow, and twitched inside her. "You mean you want more of this?" He leaned over and whispered in Kayla's ear. "She'd probably love to go down on you..."

"Ooooh...uh-huh. Roll over." Kristen bucked her hips, urging him over on his back.

Mark bent down and nibbled her ear, intent on furthering his plan. "Wouldn't you like Kayla to straddle you like this?"

To his surprise, Kristen shook her head. "Mm-uh. Got other plans. Please?" Smiling, he nodded.

Kristen rolled on top of him, hips moving smoothly, already sliding up and down his cock. She reached over and tugged Kayla towards her, pulling her up on her knees and into her arms, bending her head to nuzzle the brunette's ear as she slid her hands down to Kayla's hips, urging her up and over so that the smaller girl would have to swing a leg over Mark's face to keep her balance. Mark blinked, wondering if Kristen intended to...

Kristen pushed down on Kayla's hip with one hand, sliding the other between her legs, slipping a finger into the girl's slippery cunt then pulling it out to run it across Mark's lips.

He opened his mouth, sucking her fingers in, running his tongue over them before she pulled them away and used her other hand to press Kayla the rest of the way down.

With the feeling of Kristen's tight cunt sliding up and down on his cock, Mark eagerly obliged, running his tongue over Kayla's clit, then down, dipping between the slippery lips and sliding over her asshole and back again.

Kayla gasped, stiffening and Kristen pulled her upper body forward, wrapping one arm around her and cupping her breast with the other, plunging her tongue into the smaller girl's mouth as she rode Mark's cock hard and fast.

The hand that was cupping Kayla's breast slid down her body to rub her clit as Kristen bent her head to suck on the girl's hard, pink nipples. She moved faster, her hips working furiously, and Mark tensed, right on the edge, fighting not to come, trying to wait for Kristen and Kayla.

But Kayla couldn't wait. The sensations were too intense, too new, too much. She started to come beneath Kristen's expert fingers, her cunt pressing hard against Mark's mouth.

Kristen cried out against her breast, her own body responding to Kayla's orgasm, clenching around the hard cock buried in her cunt, and Mark lost what little control he'd managed to hold onto as he shoved hard up into the girl's hot cunt, his tongue slipping back to circle Kayla's asshole as he came hard.

With a loud moan, Kristen shuddered violently, clutching at Kayla, the two of them suddenly balanced precariously, each the only thing supporting the other. One twitch too many, and they both fell in a boneless heap of tangled limbs on top of Mark, Kristen collapsing across his chest, Kayla falling slightly to the side, somehow trapping one arm between her legs, and her upper body falling across Kristen's waist.

Mark gulped air, trying to catch his breath, then forgot all about breathing entirely as he caught sight of Kristen.

She was literally glowing, as if she were dusted with luminescent powder. Her hair was full of tiny little golden lights, looking like some sort of dreamy fiber optic sculpture. The golden flecks in her deep green eyes gleamed like metallic prisms. The effect was subtle, but unmissable.

With wide eyes, he tapped Kayla on the shoulder, trying to get her attention.

"Mmm? Can't move, sorry. You'll have to give up breathing."

"Take a look at Kristen. She's...beautiful."

Kayla opened one eye. "I already knew that, silly m-- Oh! My."

"Yeah. Amazing, isn't she?" he asked, voice full of love and wonder.

Finally, Kristen seemed to realize that they were talking about something unusual rather than standard endearments. "What?" she asked, and even her voice was subtly enhanced, its already musical tone richer and more pure than before.

Mark swallowed hard. "Look at your hair."

The girl put a hand to her head curiously, drawing forth a long, curling strand. " pretty! It must be because I feel" She shrugged helplessly, at a loss for the word.

"Full?" Mark asked.

"Mmhmm." She closed her eyes, snuggling into Mark's chest. He was struck by the fact that she seemed totally calm, her cunt not even twitching around his half-soft cock.

"Kristen?" he asked curiously, "Are you at all horny, love?"

"Huh? Um, lover, not really. I could get that way if you really want me to, though, or maybe Kayla is up to it."

"When was the last time you weren't horny?" he asked, intrigued.

She considered for a moment. "Uh...I think it was about four years ago," she replied, amazement creeping into her voice. Mark blinked, somewhat stunned. "Wow." He looked at Kayla speculatively, but didn't say anything.

Kayla was also looking thoughtful. "She said it first... feedback loop. Probably one person can't provide enough energy to feed her's physically not possible in the time it takes to have an orgasm. Maybe if they could, say, come continuously for ten minutes or so, but that's just not gonna happen real often. Or maybe it's not just the orgasm, but also the desire itself...and if there are two other people, if they're also turned on by each other, that's more than twice the desire. But I think this is how she's supposed to look...and feel...afterwards, and she's just never been totally full."

"I think so," Mark nodded, "though I think there may be something more to it, as well. Apparently I provide more than the other people she's been with do. I have a theory, but I'm not quite ready to talk about it yet." He frowned slightly. "I wonder how long it will take to fade? She can't go to school like this."

"It feels nice though, Mark." Kristen sighed happily. "Like going through life a little bit thirsty then falling in a lake. I hadn't realized how draining the constant need was, even when it was kept almost totally gone."

Mark shook his head. "I don't think it was ever kept almost gone, Kristen. I think you were managing to eat just enough to avoid starving. The equivalent of three bowls of rice with a little meat each day, and you just had a steak dinner."

"Maybe." Kristen giggled musically. "Or maybe thirst is a better metaphor and I just had a gallon of tequila. I feel amazing, really. Totally relaxed and full of energy at the same time. Giddy. Drunk. Euphoric, I think is the word."

"I can understand why." He reached out and touched her hair, curiously. "Can you control the lights? Make them less visible?"

"I don't know...maybe, but how would I even try?" "I'm not sure." He frowned, thinking. " your eyes, and visualizing the glow fading down into your body?" "O--kay." Kristen sounded distinctly skeptical, but obligingly closed her eyes. After a couple of seconds, her hair dimmed. Correspondingly, however, her body brightened.

Mark nodded. "Ok, that's a start. Now imagine the glow sinking into your skin."

The glow faded into her skin as she closed her eyes and obeyed. Mark examined her closely. It seemed to have worked. Until, that is, she opened her eyes and they could see where all of the glow had gone.

"Oh!" Kristen exclaimed, "Everything looks so strange!"

Her eyes were glowing brilliantly, a solid, intense light. The whites of her eyes were just barely visible, but obscured by the golden green glow. The iris was a solid, almost blindingly bright spot of emerald green. She blinked, obviously having a hard time seeing through her own illumination.

"Um. O-kay. Kayla, any suggestions?" Mark paused. "Either of you have a mirror?"

It turned out that neither of the girls wear makeup, and messing with your hair, in Kristen's case, was something that happens to other people, and in Kayla's, was usually unnecessary after she tightly contained hers in the morning. So neither of them had a hand mirror. Shaking his head at the very atypicallity of his teenage companions, Mark looked around for anything that would work, but nothing presented itself.

Finally, he shook his head, giving up. "Your eyes are glowing, love." He sighed. I think you need to look in a mirror. There's one in the bathroom, but we'd have to move."

Kristen shook her head stubbornly. "I don't wanna move. I'm comfortable." Kayla mumbled her agreement.

Mark grinned. "So am I. might have to miss school tomorrow, Kristen. Is there someplace you can go?" He stopped, struck by a sudden thought. "Wait. I'll just leave you a key. No one would think to look for you here."

"Why couldn't I just stay home?"

After a long, silent moment, Mark answered slowly, "That threat today scared me, love. A lot."

" scared me, too, but, thinking about it, I can't think of anyone who would actually go through with it. I think it was really meant just to scare me."

"What threat?" Kayla's question was edged in ice.

"There was a note in her locker this morning, Kayla. Telling her that...well, basically, she'd go back to her old behavior. Or else."

"What?! Who?" The brunette practically vibrated with outrage.

"It didn't say," he answered her, his own tone conveying his frustration.

"Kris, there are guys who would," Kayla insisted worriedly, "And there are probably guys who wouldn't to a regular girl who would to you. Hell, if they saw you like this..." When Kristen had stopped concentrating, the glow had spread back through her body. "Probably half the guys in the school couldn't resist it. Honey, they would."

Mark nodded, in total agreement. "Frankly, love, I'm scared. I'm doing what I can, but...I wish we could get you in some self-defense classes. you think your dad would get you a cell-phone?"

"Probably," Kristen sighed. "He'd like the idea. He loves toys." She frowned. "Look..." She looked away, her voice trailing off for a moment before she went on. "even if they were serious... Guys, is it really that big of a threat?" She sat up, crossing her legs and tucking her feet up tight to her body. "It's not as if I'm a virgin. I've probably fucked them already, and I have to do someone anyway." She stared at her hands in her lap while she talked, not wiling to look at either of them.

Mark exploded. "Yes, it is a big threat, damn it! Your body is yours, not theirs!" He clenched his fists against the bed, trying to calm himself as her startled green eyes flew to his. "It's called rape, Kristen. Even if you've slept with them before."

"Do you honestly think anyone would believe that, Mark? No court would ever convict them," she said softly.

"It doesn't matter whether they are convicted, Kristen. It's still rape. They just might get away with it." He paused. "Legally. Informally, I think Kevin and David would beat the shit out of them."

"But it wouldn't hurt me, love," Kristen insisted. "I might as well just go back to fucking them all." She added unhappily, "It would save everyone a lot of trouble."

"But you don't want to, do you?" Mark reached out and covered her hands with his own. "And we're willing to deal with the trouble, Kristen." He looked at Kayla, hoping she'd help him out.

"'ve been starving," Kayla pointed out logically, "Of course you did whatever you had to. That doesn't mean you're their damned toy. Even if you did, just for no reason...a normal girl deciding no more...stop screwing them, just because you did so doesn't give them any rights." She stopped, eyes widening with a sudden realization. "You're feeling guilty about stopping!" she exclaimed, amazed. "Aren't you?"

Kristen bent her head, letting her hair fall forward to hide her face.

"Kristen, don't." Mark reached up and caressed her cheek gently, tilting her face up. "They don't own you. You don't belong to them. You, and only you, get to decide who you have sex with. They don't have any rights, here. They've gotten more sex than a dozen kids their age, hell, they should feel grateful to you!"

"That's the problem...I got them used to it. Normal people need sex, too, and they're used to being satisfied on a regular basis, then I just took it away. No wonder they hate me."

"They can learn to deal," Mark growled. "Despite what a teenager will try to tell you, not having sex won't kill them. You are the exception, here. And besides, there are other girls in the school. They can try being boyfriends to them."

Kayla sighed, interjecting, "Mark...they are. They just aren't very faithful ones."

"Then they can try being faithful. Look, if the guy who runs the post office decided he wanted to retire, would the town have the right to force him to keep going? After all, they're used to having mail."

"It's not physically painful not to get mail," Kristen whispered guiltily.

Mark laughed, shaking his head. "It's not physically painful not to get sex, either. Trust me. And I'll guarantee they know how to masturbate."

Kristen sighed again. "The fact is, if they'd told me no, I would have died. Don't you think I owe them something for not doing so?"

"No," Mark answered flatly. "They weren't doing it for you, Kristen. They were doing it for the sex. If they'd been doing it to keep you alive...maybe. Maybe. As is, not at all."

"Alright. Maybe you're right. But, I still think I'd be okay at home. We have a good security system, and they couldn't know my father wouldn't come home. No one but you two even know for sure he's out of town."

Mark still looked uncomfortable, but nodded. "If you promise to keep the security system armed at all times, and not go outside at all."

"I promise. Thank you. I'll be a lot more comfortable staying alone in a house that isn't haunted."

Mark sighed wistfully. "Frankly, I wish we could tell your father about us. It'd help. But it's too fucking dangerous."

"I...don't know. I did I get this way? Isn't he the most likely person to know?" Kristen asked.

"She has a point," Kayla offered.

"Yes. But if he finds out about us..." Mark stopped, thoughtful. "Could you get away with telling him that you, if word got out that you were 'going steady' with someone, and you never went out, that would be bad."

"Well," Kayla said, thoughtfully, "you said you'd talk to him. See how he reacts when you tell him Kristen has decided to stop sleeping around. If he looks scared or concerned...he knows."

Mark smiled, relieved. "That will work quite well, won't it?"

"But you were going to try to get out of talking to him, remember?" Kristen asked, worried.

"I think maybe at this point I shouldn't, Kristen. We need to know," he insisted.

Kristen nibbled her lower lip nervously. "I know. But I don't like you taking that kind of risk."

"I don't think it's that large, Kristen," he assured her, "and I think it's worth it."

"If he goes postal and tries to send me to boarding school in Switzerland, will you run away with me to Mexico?" she asked, only half joking.

"I'll figure something out, Kristen, one way or the other." Mark wasn't joking at all.

"Kris," Kayla said, "I don't think you should stay at home alone at night, though. I really don't. Even if they knew your dad was home...guys can be stupid, but the thing is...sometimes stupid gets lucky."

"You've got a point, Kayla." Mark nodded. "What are you suggesting?"

"Well, if she weren't glowing, she could come home with me. But even my mom would notice that. I think she has to stay with you, Mark."

"I think so. It's dangerous, but..." Mark shrugged, unwilling to risk the alternative.

Kristen's eyes got wide. "Ohhhh...really? I can really stay with you?" Her voice broke, "All night?"

Kayla looked at her with a frown, then her face softened. "Aw, honey. Poor angel. Of course you can. I'll make him let you."

"Kristen, I'd like nothing more than for you to stay with me every night, if it was safe," Mark answered, confused at her reaction and Kayla's. "Of course you can stay."

She smiled shyly. "I've never slept with anyone before. Not really slept."

Starting to understand, he pulled her onto his lap, wrapping his arms around her tightly. "Well, you can sleep with me." He studied Kayla's face out of the corner of his eye, trying not to be noticed, his mind working on the implications of sad, anger-tinged look on the girl's face. He knew why he reacted that way to the heart-broken little catch in Kristen's voice, and was beginning to think that perhaps Kayla had not been entirely open about her feelings for his beautiful lover. Mark made a mental note to question her about it at the first available moment, possibly even on the drive home.

Smiling, he closed his eyes and held Kristen tightly, wondering at the idiocy of the boys in this town, that they'd never realized what they were missing by choosing to just fuck her and not love her.

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