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Prudence, Chapter 33

Aaron lay back against Mark, looking a bit relieved at having his offer accepted so easily. Resting his cheek on Mark's shoulder, he smiled shyly. "By the way... that was amazing. I mean, really amazing." A touch of sadness crept into his tone. "I don't think anything will ever compare to it."

Mark kissed him, then looked over to meet Kristen's eyes, raising an inquisitive eyebrow. Whether or not the events of the day were a one-time thing was entirely up to her, as far as he was concerned. He couldn't discern any useful information from her face, though. She was still more than a bit drunk on the excess energy. He knew she'd had a really good time. And she seemed far from uncomfortable -- quite content, really.

He didn't want to make any assumptions, though. The last thing in the world he wanted to do was hurt her, no matter how much fun he'd had. And he had enjoyed it, he realized. Seriously enjoyed it, way more than he'd thought he would. That realization was unexpected, and just a touch disturbing; it wasn't that he objected, or that it would bother him to discover he was bisexual, it just seemed a bit sudden. He set the thought aside for later examination, and returned to contemplating the question at hand. Since he had no outward clues to work with, he looked inwards, hunting the mental line that connected him to his wife, trying to convey his question via that silent, constant link.

She didn't show any sign that she'd 'heard' him, though, so he spent a moment examining the link more closely. To his surprise, he realized that he could now feel Kayla, too, now, tangled up with Kristen, and extending through where he'd become a part of Kristen, and through that path, into him. Before, in that part of Kristen, there'd been a blank spot, an empty place waiting to be filled. It wasn't that she wasn't complete before, but now... now she was simply more.

Slipping into a slight trance state, Mark explored further, fascinated. He couldn't reach far into Kayla, not yet, but could sense that the potential was there, and would grow as the link strengthened. He withdrew a bit, looking back within himself and Kristen, searching for other anomalies. He found another nearly blank space, a little empty corner, mostly within himself, but it also overlapped parts of Kristen and Kayla. The spot was empty, no connection formed, but something about it 'felt' Aaron-shaped... there was even a hint of him in there, a tiny, hesitant, bare ghost of a presence... but he wasn't there yet, and the space didn't have the feel of something that couldn't be changed. Rather, it felt more like here was a space, and here was someone with the potential to fill it, but nothing was decided for sure quite yet.

The connection to Kayla, though, that was certain. Certain, and he felt quite sure, permanent as well. Looking at it, he could feel a sense of contentment and acceptance coming from Kristen, and a tiny echo of the same from Kayla. Curiously, he wrapped his mind around the "Kayla" part of the twisted line and tugged, in the same way that had made Kristen jump into his lap when he tried it on her. Kayla jumped, startled, then settled back down against Kristen.

Mark smiled, then turned his head to kiss Aaron again, lingeringly. "You don't think next time will be as good?" he asked.

"There'll be a next time?" Aaron whispered, eyes wide.

Mark nodded. "I think so."

"Oh." He seemed shocked. "I didn't expect... really?"

Mark cocked an eyebrow at Kristen, inviting her to answer. She smiled, and reached over to caress Aaron's hip. "Really," she said. "You have no idea how good I feel right now."

Mark smiled at her, then turned to look at Kayla. "And there's something I think I need to tell you, Kayla," he said.

"Hmmm?" she asked, not opening her eyes. "What, you're pregnant with my baby or something?"

He tugged again. She barely flinched that time, but it was enough. "You felt that," he said.

"Hm." She opened her eyes, frowning slightly. "Yeah. Yeah, I did. That was you?"

He nodded, reaching out to brush his fingers over her lips. "Yes. That's where you and me and Kristen are all tangled up together." He stopped, waiting for her to remember how he'd first described his lifebond with Kristen.

She frowned for another moment, then her face lit up. "Ohhhh!" She smiled, then swallowed hard, her lips trembling.

He nodded, that sweet, happy, vulnerable look everything he'd hoped for. "I love you, Kayla James."

Her eyes widened and she looked at Kristen in sudden panic.

Kristen raised up on one elbow and kissed her. "It's okay. I know. Of course I know. How could it not be okay?"

Kayla blinked rapidly, trying to clear her eyes of the welling tears. "Oh, angel... are you sure? Really sure?"

"Very sure," Kristen said, smiling serenely.

Kayla shuddered. "Oh gods... Mark... This means I can love you both," she whispered. "I don't have to hide anything." She curled up between them, trembling and happy, but still crying tears of relief.

He stroked her dark curls. "It does. Everything's going to be fine, love." As Kristen moved to take Kayla into her arms, he turned to Aaron who'd been laying very quietly in the bed beside them, and took a deep breath.

"Aaron, there's something I'd like you to understand," he said. "I'm as brutally honest as I can be. I won't say 'I love you' unless I mean it." He looked at Kristen, a touch unsure but hoping she wouldn't object to what he was going to say. "Until I mean it."

The boy nodded, eyes downcast. "I understand. It's okay. I didn't expect anything like that, really I didn't. I know Kay probably told you how I felt, but... seriously, I'd be happy with anything you were willing to give me."

Kristen looked over at him, her eyes soft, sympathetic. Mark closed his eyes and, wordlessly, tried to draw her attention to the space within them that felt faintly like Aaron. From her he felt only warmth, acceptance, and tenderness.

He opened his eyes and looked back to Aaron. "I said until." Huge hazel eyes stared up at him, full of hope, and he nodded.

Aaron smiled hesitantly, but glanced across Mark to the girls, looking for their reaction. Kayla smiled impishly at him, and Kristen nodded reassuringly. He closed his eyes and hugged Mark tightly, trembling with overwhelming emotion.

Mark held him close. "No promises, yet, Aaron... but I could fall in love with you." He stroked the smooth, slender back, trying to ease the shaking.

"That's... that's more than I ever dreamed was possible," the boy said. "I don't need promises. I... I never thought I was bi until the first time I saw you, then I thought I must be gay. Because if I could just have you, I wouldn't care if I ever got to sleep with a girl." He raised his head, his face full of wonder. "But to get to be with you, and two of the most wonderful girls I've ever met... I'll do anything for that. Anything. Just ask, and it's yours."

Mark smiled and kissed him. "Be yourself. Be the best you can be."

"I... don't know if you understand," Aaron said nervously, then turned his face against Mark's chest, letting his hair fall over his cheek and hide him. "I want to do things for you. Whatever you want."

"What do you mean?"

"I... want to be yours," he said. "To do whatever you want."

"How, exactly?" Mark asked carefully.

Aaron trembled against him as he answered. "I want to serve you. To... to follow your orders. To be whatever you want me to be."

Mark swallowed, his gaze drifting nervously over to Kristen. She was watching them, her eyes huge, but she was nodding as Kayla whispered in her ear. He licked his lips. "You want to be my... submissive."

"Yessir." Aaron's voice shaky. "Your... your slave, if you'll have me."

Mark didn't answer. He couldn't, yet, not until he knew how Kristen would react. She nibbled her bottom lip nervously. Then she leaned back against Kayla, looking first at Aaron, who was still hidden behind his hair and shaking, then at Mark. She smiled tremulously, and gave him a little shrug, as if to say, "Your choice with this one."

He was still uncertain as he looked back at Aaron. "What is it you want, exactly?" he asked. "Just to be told what to do? To be made to do it? To be tied up? What, exactly?"

Aaron whispered, "Oh gods." Then, he took a deep breath. "All of it. To be told what to do, to be made to do it even if I don't want to. To be tied up, spanked, hurt. T-to be... used. All of it." As he spoke, his cock grew hard and pressed against Mark's hip.

Mark thought for a moment, then turned to Kristen. "Love... would you be okay with that?"

She looked more confused than anything else. "I... I'm not sure. I guess so, but I just don't understand why."

"Aaron, can you explain why you like it?" he asked.

He shivered. "I've... I've just always fantasized about it," he said. "Before I met you, it was about serving a woman, kneeling at her feet, being her slave, her toy. It turns me on so much... but it's not just sex. That part I can't explain. It's like, it's something I need. I don't remember ever not wanting it."

Mark waited, letting him talk, letting Kristen think about it.

"But it has to be the right person... or people," Aaron said. "I want to be able to trust that much, to totally let go, to let myself be that vulnerable."

"I... guess I can understand that part," Kristen said. "But... why pain? Why would you want to be hurt?"

He hesitated, thinking about it for a long moment before answering slowly, "I don't know. I think it's a physical thing, like maybe I'm wired different. But... pain just doesn't always hurt me. It feels good sometimes. And even when it just hurts, it still turns me on so damned much... Kris, I don't want to be injured or maimed or anything... just hurt. Nothing that won't heal, no broken bones or anything. Just, like, a stronger version of biting your lover's neck, or running your nails down their back. I just like more of it."

Kayla nibbled on her neck helpfully, scraping her nails lightly across the tops of her breasts. "Like that, love."

"Mmmmm..." Kristen leaned back against her. "Maybe I understand, sort of. I'll have to think about it. I... I don't think I could ever hurt anyone, even if they wanted me to, but I'm not going to tell anyone what they ought to like or not like. If Mark thinks it's okay, it's all right with me." She smiled. "And I'll try not to freak out on you."

Mark leaned down and kissed her. "I love you."

She rubbed her cheek against his shoulder. "Love you too."

Mark looked back to Aaron and nodded. "All right."

The boy looked up at him, startled. His hair fell aside, leaving his amazing eyes peeking out from behind the dark curls. "Really? You mean it?!"

Mark nodded. "I've never done anything like this before, though. I'll be learning, just as much as you are."

"Oh gods! I... oh! Thank you, sir, thank you!"

Mark smiled. "Then why don't you crawl down there and use your mouth to make my wife come?"

"Yessir!" the boy said eagerly. "Um... which one is your wife?"

Mark laughed. "Kristen."

"Oh! I thought so, but wasn't sure... congratulations, M-- Sir." He wriggled down, sliding between Kristen's spread legs.

"Thanks. But... it's a secret right now," Mark said. "I wish it wasn't, but it has to be. You, Kayla, and Kristen's father are the only ones who know."

Aaron nodded solemnly. "I understand. I'll never tell anyone anything you don't want me to, sir."

Mark stroked his hand down the boy's smooth back. "I know." And he did. It was an odd feeling, realizing how extreme Aaron's dedication was, how far he'd go. Nice, in a way, but also a touch frightening.

Aaron peeked up at Kristen. "Ma'am? May I lick you?"

The swirling glow surrounding her pulsed, and she licked her lips. "Y-yes, you may," she said, then lay back against Kayla's breasts, spreading her legs further. Aaron sighed happily and started lapping at her cunt, his eyes turned upwards to watch her face, paying close attention to her responses.

Mark watched, and when his cock got hard again, he reached for the Crisco, then greased his cock and moved between Aaron's legs. Kristen moaned, watching him, and reached for Aaron's hair, her fingers burying themselves in the thick curls. Kayla's arms were around her waist, her dark head bent to nuzzle the back of her ear.

Mark rubbed his cock against the crease of Aaron's ass, and he moaned, reaching back to spread his ass cheeks apart and tilting his hips invitingly. Without hesitating this time, Mark accepted that invitation, sliding his cock in with one smooth movement, all the way to the hilt, and reached around to grasp Aaron's cock. It was rock hard, and already slippery with precum. He stroked it, firm and fast, and Aaron shoved his hips back on his cock hard, moaning loudly. Mark fucked him hard, slamming into him, feeling his cock twitch in his hand in response to the rough treatment.

Kristen whimpered, arching her hips into Aaron's mouth as she came suddenly. She held him pressed to her for a moment, grinding her cunt in little circles on his mouth, then rolled to the side, letting Kayla take her place. Mark didn't even slow down; he'd be able to last a while this time, and he intended to enjoy it.

Aaron didn't hesitate, either, just started licking the cunt he'd come in a little while ago, his tongue eager as it dipped between the wet lips. Kayla closed her eyes. "Oh, yeah..." she moaned. "Good boy. Sweet little slave... lick it, lick my cunt. Taste your cum, toy, lick it all out." Aaron shuddered, his cock swelling in Mark's hand.

Kristen moved around behind them and started kissing her way down Mark's spine. Mark shivered, then bent forward, cupping his other hand around the head of Aaron's cock.

Kayla started to come almost immediately, wrapping her legs around Aaron's head and locking him to her cunt. "Oh fuck yes!" She pulled away and grabbed a double fistful of the boy's hair, wrenching his head up. She kissed him, hard and deep, still pulling viciously on his hair, and he stiffened, his come shooting into Mark's hand.

Kristen's tongue made had made its way down to the top of Mark's ass now, and started to flicker along the top of the crease teasingly.

Mark's ass tensed, and his cock twitched, wrenching another whimpering moan from Aaron. "Lean back, Kayla," he said hoarsely. "I want him to lick his cum off of your clit." She moaned, laying back obligingly. Mark rubbed the handful of cum onto her clit, then held out his fingers, still shiny and wet. Aaron sucked them eagerly into his mouth, his tongue running all around them, still shoving back hard on Mark's cock, fucking him.

Mark groaned, then grabbed his hair and shoved his face into Kayla's cunt. He licked and sucked hungrily, whimpering, as Kayla rubbed her cunt on his face, her eyes half-closed as she looked at him, wet and sticky with cum and cunt juices, on the very edge of coming again herself. "Ah, goddess... you're good at that, pet. So good... such a sweet little cunt licking slave, little cum drinking slut, aren't you? Aren't you?" she demanded, twisting a hand in his hair.

He nodded frantically, and, amazingly, Mark felt him stiffen again, his tight ass clenching his cock with the unmistakable rhythm of orgasm. Just then, Kristen's tongue stopped its teasing and stabbed against his asshole. Mark shoved into Aaron's ass, hard, crying out incoherently as he came.

Vaguely, he was aware of Kayla screaming again, bucking against Aaron's mouth, and then the boy thrashed wildly as Kristen snaked a hand beneath them and wrapped it around his cock, triggering a totally unexpected third orgasm in one five minute span. He screamed as well, writhing around, then collapsed limply on top of Kayla, seemingly unconscious.

Kristen plunged her tongue into Mark's ass, cupping his balls with her hand. The moment she touched him, hot, searing pleasure ripped through him, and he came again, the most intense orgasm he'd ever experienced. The room spun around him, and little sparks floated before his eyes.

Whimpering, Kristen crawled away from him, sliding on top of Kayla, slipping one of her thighs between the other girl's and pressing against her cunt, rubbing her own cunt along Kayla's leg. Mark fought to focus, wanting to watch, as Kayla screamed piercingly, and Kristen joined her, pressing down hard. The two of them writhed on the bed, almost impossible to make out in the thick cloud of golden light that pulsed like a beating heart.

Kayla went limp, and Kristen rolled over on her back, pulling the smaller girl onto her chest and cradling her in her arms as she let her own head fall back against the bed.

He could barely see them through the light, and could only look directly at it for a second or so before his eyes started to water. So he closed his eyes and crawled up towards Kristen, trying to nudge her legs apart. She moaned weakly and pressed her knees tightly together.

He tugged on them, licking at her shins, and she squealed. "Too much! Oh god!" and suddenly squirted across the bed and halfway up the headboard, as if she were a greased hover car. She was still holding Kayla tightly.

Kristen looked down, then giggled.

Mark laughed. "You're floating," he pointed out.

Aaron moaned softly, then opened his eyes. Then blinked. He tried to focus, his eyes caught by the small sun hovering over his head. "Is she supposed to do that?" he asked, sounding bewildered.

Kristen giggled again and extended a leg, pushing off from the headboard with a flick of her toe to bounce lightly against the ceiling.

Aaron blinked again. "I'm sure she's not supposed to do that," he said firmly.

Kayla came to with a gasp. "Oooooooooh fuck!"

"She does that sometimes," Mark said. "The other night, she had a nightmare and somehow went partly through the wall."

Kayla wrapped her arms tightly around Kristen's neck and closed her eyes again. "Kris, honey? I wanna get down. Like, now, love."

"M'kay," Kristen said, then floated over to the bed and dropped her into Mark's lap. He caught her, with an "oomph!" as she landed on his stomach. Kristen giggled, then started swimming through the air, swooping around the light fixture like a moth. She was much brighter than the light. The others watched, fascinated.

She giggled again, then darted up through the ceiling. Mark blinked. "Um. Wow. That's kinda what she did the other night." A circle of light was left behind on the undamaged ceiling.

"Fucking wow," Aaron said. "That's gotta hurt."

She popped back through, laughing delightedly.

"Um. Love," Mark said. "You probably don't want to go starting any UFO sightings..."

She started weaving patterns in and out of the ceiling, making a checkerboard of glowing spots. "I'm not going past the attic," she said, "So s'okay." She floated down, hovering on her back about five feet off the floor, admiring the glowing ceiling. "There. Pretty." She turned and eyed a blank wall speculatively, then drifted over.

Carefully, she poked just one slender finger into the wall, drawing it through the wood and admiring the line it left behind. She glanced back at the bed, and seemed to smile, though with her glow that bright, it was hard to tell. Too fast to follow with the naked eye, she started to draw. Five minutes later, there was a three times life-sized naked girl, traced out in light on the wall. The figure was simple, with minimalistic lines, but was recognizably Kayla. Kristen drifted back to the bed and settled onto it, admiring her art.

Mark stared. "Wow."

She sighed happily and curled up in the middle of them. "Pretty."

Mark nodded. Aaron just stared at her. "Man... what is she?" he asked, awed. "This is so unreal."

Mark shrugged, smiling. "I don't know, but I like it."

Kayla stroked Kristen's hair, and her hands appeared to be buried in pure flame. Kristen's eyes were closed and she seemed to be totally relaxed.

"Um... well, yes," Aaron said, "of course, but... aren't you curious? I've never heard of anything like this before."

"Oh gods yes I'm curious!" Mark said. "I just have no idea how to find out."

Kristen's eyes flickered open for a moment, then she tilted her head back in Kayla's lap and smiled up at her, taking her hand and tucking it against her ribs. She reached over and grabbed Aaron by the hair, pulling him up and laying his head on her stomach, petting him like he was a cat. "Stay," she said firmly, then closed her eyes again and sighed happily.

Kayla's eyes widened. "I was just thinking that I wished Aaron could stay with us this weekend," she whispered. "I think she read my mind."

Mark reached inside for their bond, and thought, very clearly, I love you, both of you.

Kristen purred contentedly. "Love you, too," she murmured.

He nodded. "She did. I didn't say anything out loud."

"My." Kayla looked a bit stunned.

He looked at her. "Did you hear what I said?"

She shook her head. "No, love, sorry."

He looked thoughtful. "Kristen, love... feel around and find where we're all tangled together, then kind of think at us. Let's see if it goes two ways."

"Hmm? Mmm..." Love you, love you, trust you, love you... Her voice echoed in his head, and looked at Kayla curiously.

She tilted her head and nodded, slowly. "I... think so? Very faintly."

"I heard it," he said, and Kristen purred happily, wriggling against him and petting Aaron's hair. The boy lay very still, letting her stroke him.

"It's a shame there's no way I could get hard again," Mark said thoughtfully, "I wonder what would happen if--"

"Hey!" Aaron interrupted him, "She's really purring! Not just humming. Like a cat. I can feel it."

"Wow. That's... neat," Mark said.

Kristen stopped purring and sighed. "Wish I had a kitty. Kayla has my kitty. Poor kitty."

Mark looked confused. "You have her kitty, Kayla?"

Kayla nodded. "Yep. Remember? Poor little hairless thing."

"Oh, right."

"Maybe we could get her a bunny, or something," Kayla suggested. "Or a ferret. She can't be allergic to everything that's furry."

Kristen giggled. "S'okay. Gotta pet virgin," she said, and scritched Aaron behind the ears.

Kayla's suggestion, though, had prompted an incredibly dirty bit of humor in Mark's mind. He suppressed the urge to say it out loud, but Kristen's eyes flew open wide and she gasped, looking at him in shock. He was confused for a moment, then realized she must have read his mind, and blushed. "Oh gods. Sorry, love. It's the result of having a dirty mind trained by being around the Terrible Trio. It would have been a joke, but I figured it'd be best not to even say it."

She looked at him, somewhat warily. "Well... if you're sure it was just a joke."

He nodded. "Just a joke, love. Just a joke."

She relaxed again. "That's okay, then. I like animals, but not that much."

Kayla got it suddenly, and blushed bright red. Aaron just looked confused.

Mark sighed dramatically. "Damn. I guess I'll just have to give Fido to Melissa, then," he said, with mock regret.

Aaron got it, then, and blushed fit to match Kristen's hair.

Kristen giggled happily. "I'm taking a nap," she announced. "Don't go away!" And then, she promptly fell asleep.

Mark stared at her for a moment, then asked, "Um. What time do you and Aaron have to be home, Kayla?"

Kayla was staring at Kristen, too, her expression loving and amused. "Drunk. Definitely drunk." She looked up. "Hmm? Oh, I don't have to be home. I told them Aaron was dropping me by Kristen's house afterward. I don't know about him, though."

Mark raised an eyebrow at him, and Aaron thought for a moment. "Um... Honestly, I don't, really, either. I'd have to call my dad and let him know I wouldn't be home, but he wouldn't really care. Probably wouldn't even notice if I didn't call, 'cause he's working 16 hour days this weekend, but if he did, he'd worry. My dad's cool. And the car we came in is mine, he has his own."

Mark nodded and handed him the cordless phone.

"Thanks," Aaron said, and dialed. "Hi, is Dr. Deveraux around? This is his son. Thanks." He waited a moment, then, "Hey Dad. Yeah, it went good. Listen, I'm gonna spend the weekend with some friends, if that's okay? Just hangin' out, maybe some stargazing, mess around on the computer, that sorta thing." He paused. "Cool, thanks Dad. I will, no problem. Love you, too." He punched off the phone, handing it to Mark. "No problem. He says since I won't be there, he'll probably stay onsite and not bother to drive home this weekend. That lets him get a bit more sleep, too."

"Well, then," Mark said, pleased, "that's all clear. Why don't we all take a nap so we're ready for her when she wakes up?"

Aaron looked down at Kristen. "Does she always pass out like that?" he asked worriedly. "I mean, are you sure she's okay? If it really is analogous to intoxication, could she be having an overdose or something?"

"Well, she had the alcohol," Mark said, "But she does have a tendency to sleep afterward. I think the energy is... changing her. Letting her develop in ways she couldn't before."

"Wow," Aaron said, his voice full of sympathy. "I hope it doesn't scare her. I mean, puberty is bad enough."

Mark smiled. "Yeah. And you aren't in danger of being lynched for puberty. Though... if she can go through walls and things, it'll be a lot harder to hold her."

"Damned straight," Kayla agreed. "I hope she remembers how she did that. Awful hard to tie someone up who can go right through the ropes."

"Then I'm double glad it's not me!" Aaron grinned, then cuddled down happily beside Mark, as exhausted as the rest of them.

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