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Prudence, Chapter 32

They rested for a little while as the two girls kissed and caressed each other. The light that flowed onto Kayla's skin from Kristen's stuck there, little glowing streaks that gradually and subtly shifted color from gold, to white, to silver, only to be flooded with gold again anytime Kristen's hands returned to the same spot.

Mark watched, his cock stiffening slightly, and looked down at Aaron who was staring in wide-eyed wonder, his own cock already hard and ready. Mark licked his lips, suddenly nervous, and asked, "Would you like to fuck my ass?"

The boy looked up at him, startled. "S-sir? You'd let me do that?" he asked in amazement, and his cock twitched noticeably.

Mark smiled, some of his nervousness leaving him. "Go get a wash-rag, two of them, one just wet and the other soapy, and wash my cock until it's clean enough to suck."

"Yes, sir!" Aaron hurried to obey, leaving Mark watching the girls. They were totally wrapped up in each other, ignoring the rest of the world. It was an ethereally beautiful sight, the two of them glowing softly in silver and gold, arms and legs entwined, totally lost in tender, sensual pleasure.

Aaron returned and knelt in front of him. He cleaned Mark's cock gently with the warm, soapy rag, then wiped the soap away with the other. He looked up at Mark, his lips just a fraction of an inch away, his eyes begging for permission.

Mark nodded, his eyes still on his wife and her lover. Kayla's whole body was streaked with the light that still seeped off of Kristen wherever they touched. Her tight, dark, curls were frosted with silver sparkles where Kristen's hands had trailed through them. She moaned softly and opened her eyes, turning her head to look over at Mark as Aaron, almost reverently, opened his lips and sucked Mark's cock inside his hot, wet mouth. To Mark's surprise, the boy didn't stop with just the head, or the first few inches, but instead slid his lips down all the way, sucking until the cock was buried in his throat and his chin was pressed against Mark's balls. Mark groaned, and Kristen turned to look over at them curiously, then sucked in a sharp breath.

He looked down at her, his cock twitching in Aaron's throat at the hot, hungry lust in her beautiful face. "Do... do you want to suck my cock while Aaron... Oh gods!" He groaned as the boy slid his throat up and down on his cock. "While he... fucks me?" he managed to ask.

Kristen moaned, looking at them hungrily. He could barely see her eyes for the bright green light coming from them. "I want to... but I want to watch more," she said. "I want to watch so bad..."

Kayla sat up and kissed her. "I'll do it, angel. You enjoy your show," she said with a smile, and Kristen nodded gratefully as she slid her hand between her legs.

Mark shivered, then lay back, Aaron reluctantly releasing his cock from his sweet mouth. Mark pointed wordlessly to the little tub of Crisco, and Aaron's hands trembled as he obediently reached for it. The boy dipped shaking fingers in the grease and then slid them over his hard cock, carefully applying a thick coat.

Mark reached over to run his fingers across Kristen's cheek, and she shivered, turning her head to kiss his wrist. The golden light flowed from her onto Mark, feeling like warm velvet caressing his skin. He moaned, his cock twitching for a moment before Kayla bent over from the other side and captured it with her lips.

Aaron knelt between Mark's legs, carefully brushing Kayla's wild mass of curls over her back and out of the way. Then he pressed the head of his dick gently against Mark's asshole. He was trembling with the effort of restraining himself.

Kristen watched, almost unbearably turned on, but with a trace of nervousness. He stroked her cheek, gently, and she gave him a hesitant smile.

Aaron pushed gently, his cock slipping ever so slowly into Mark's ass. Mark moaned, his cock twitching again. The boy's face was tense, showing his strain and his own nervousness; he was being as gentle as he could, but his cock was large, and he'd never done this before, and it felt so good... Aaron shivered, letting his cock slide in another half inch.

Mark sucked in his breath, wincing a little, and the boy froze, his eyes wide with horror. "I'm sorry sir!"

"It's okay," Mark said soothingly. "Just go slow."

Kristen, who'd also flinched, sounded both nervous and guilty. "Mark, are you sure? You don't have to do this..."

He nodded. "I want it. It's just... Aaron here has a really large cock, didn't you notice?" He smiled at her reassuringly. "It's okay, love. I just need to adjust to it." He looked up at Aaron. "Go on, it's fine."

Kristen slid closer, nuzzling up against him, and kissed him, then laid her head on his shoulder. Mark kissed her forehead, then reached over and tugged at Kayla, urging her up and over his face, into a 69 position. She happily complied, swinging around without ever taking her mouth off of his cock, and he raised his head and began nibbling on her cunt.

Aaron adjusted his angle slightly, and Mark's ass relaxed enough that his cock slid almost all the way in. The boy groaned, his cock swelling in Mark's ass.

With a lustful little whimper, Kristen slid down to where she could watch Aaron's cock sliding into Mark's asshole, and her hand returned to its spot between her legs.

Breathing hard, but not in any pain now, Mark ran his tongue around Kayla's perineum, causing her to moan around his cock and press against his face. Mark relaxed a bit more, and Aaron slipped the rest of the way in, his huge cock buried to the hilt in Mark's ass.

"Oh, oh fuck!" Aaron groaned, twitching his hips. "Oh, that feels so good..."

Mark moaned, stretching up to run his tongue around Kayla's asshole as he flexed his hips. She squealed, pulling partway off his cock for a moment, then sucked him back into her mouth with a lustful groan. She fucked back against his mouth, her dripping cunt rubbing his chin as Aaron started to fuck him slowly.

He licked her, trying to make her come as Aaron's movements made his cock jerk and twitch in her mouth. Her cock-sucking had improved significantly since they'd first got together, though her mouth was really too small for it, and the feeling of her little tongue circling the head of his cock was amazing. He could actually feel the silvery light that coated her lips, the same way he could feel the heat from it against his thigh from Kristen laying next to him.

Sudden inspiration struck, and Mark pulled his head back just long enough to ask, "Love? Rub Aaron's cock where it's sliding into me, please? Oh please..."

She licked her lips and nodded, and reached out with one brightly glowing hand, rubbing gently over Aaron's balls and down the shaft of his cock, teasingly stroking the line where it entered Mark's ass.

The feeling was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. It was more intensely erotic than even a tongue would have been, an electric jolt of pleasure, almost painful, but so, so good. Aaron screamed hoarsely and his cock jerked in Mark's ass as he came, helpless to resist it.

Mark thrust in and out of Kayla's mouth, on the edge himself. "Oh... gods, love... my balls, my cock, please..."

Kayla slid up, making room for Kristen to reach in between the two of them and wrap her hand around his cock, encircling it with gentle fire. The brunette sucked on just the head of his cock as she ground her cunt against his face, coming again and again as Kristen jerked him off into her mouth.

He screamed, coming hard, barely aware of Kristen's cunt, so hot it ought to be painful but wasn't, pressing hard against his leg as Kayla swallowed around the head of his cock. Kristen rubbed herself up and down his thigh, just once, and the friction was all she needed to push herself over the edge with a sharp scream of her own.

Finally, Aaron carefully slid his cock out, then moved to lay between Mark's spread legs, his head pillowed on Mark's thigh. Kayla lay collapsed on Mark's chest and stomach, her warm breath blowing across his cock and making him shiver with intense little aftershocks of pleasure.

Mark reached out for Kristen, tugging her up to kiss her thoroughly. His lips burned there they touched hers, with a tingly, not unpleasant sensation. He drew back enough to look at her, and stared, amazed. She looked as if she were made entirely of light, and not a physical being at all. She was glowing painfully bright, in fact, making it actually a bit painful to look at her. The light seemed to be heavier than air, too, and as little wisps flowed off of her, it collected in the dips of the bed covers, leaving small glowing pools. "Wow," he whispered. "You're... beautiful." Her smile was, quite literally, dazzling.

Aaron covered his eyes with a hand. "Yeah. But really, really bright. Like looking at the sun."

"Can you dim it some, love?" Mark asked curiously, as Kayla rolled off of him to nestle down beside Kristen.

She shrugged. "I can try." She managed to dim it down to about a 4 on the 1-10 glowing nympho scale, but that was as much as she could draw it in. It still tended to drift off of her and collect in little puddles, too.

Mark reached for the light curiously and was able to scoop it up into his hand. It piled up and flowed over his palm and between his fingers like a thick liquid.

Aaron stared at Kristen, then shook his head, turning to Kayla. "I really didn't believe you, Kayla. I thought you were setting me up for some sort of joke. I'm sorry."

"S'okay, pet," she said with a smile. "Our angel is pretty unbelievable."

Kristen blushed, a bright red light fading into the gold.

Mark shook his hand, watching the light slide off in thick globs. "This is weird. I mean, light isn't a liquid, but that's what this is acting like." He shrugged -- it didn't seem to be anything to worry about -- then bent to whisper in Kayla's ear, "Hey, did you get permission to tell us what you know about Aaron?"

She nuzzled his neck and whispered back, "No, but betcha he'll tell you. Especially if you ask."

He decided to test the theory. "Hey, Aaron... when we were nervous about letting you know about Kristen, Kayla said she knew you wouldn't freak, but she wouldn't tell us why. Why was she so sure?"

The boy looked nervous for a moment. "Uh... well, I guess I can tell you," he said, with a shy smile. "May I go get cleaned up first, though, sir?"

"Sure," Mark said. Then, once he'd left the room, he turned back to Kayla and whispered, "Why didn't you warn us he was a submissive?"

She replied just as quietly, "I didn't know. I found out by accident. I had no idea, promise."

He relaxed a bit. "How'd you find out?"

Kayla grinned. "I was just messing around. Grabbed his hair playfully and threatened to turn him over my knees and spank him if he didn't share the soda with me. The result was... not exactly hard to spot, y'know?"

"I see," Mark said. "My." Realizing that Kristen had been awfully quiet during this little exchange, he started to ask if she was okay with everything, but when he looked over at her, he forgot what he was going to say.

Kristen seemed lost in a happy daze. Smiling brightly. Drifting a couple of inches from the bed. Playing with her hair as if it were hypnotic, watching the little golden lights flow through the curls and giggling. Getting distracted by the dust motes in the air. Giggling some more.

Mark grinned. "I think she's tripping."

"Or possibly just drunk," Kayla nodded, with an adoring smile at the kittenish redhead. "She looks pretty fucking happy, anyway."

Aaron padded softly back into the bedroom, his bare feet barely making a sound on the hardwood floor. He stood uncertainly at the foot of the bed until Mark patted the bed beside him. Then, he smiled and crawled into bed, laying his head on Mark's arm.

"So. Tell us?" Mark asked.

Kristen sighed happily and squirmed around, snuggling up and laying her head on Mark's thighs while pulling Kayla around to lean into the curve of her body. Her glowing hair spread out over both Mark's and Aaron's legs. "Whatever it is, it's okay," she assured him. "Everything is okay with us. We're very open-minded." This seemed to strike her as totally hilarious, and she laughed, a sound like joyous crystal bells.

Aaron shivered, his cock twitching slightly against Mark's thigh. "Man... can she always do that?"

"Do what?" Mark asked.

"Turn a guy on when there's no way in hell it ought to be physically possible."

"Oh. That," Mark said. "Yeah. I once managed eight times in five hours. And that was when it was just the two of us. I'm not sure she hasn't beat that record since."

"Dear gods," the boy said, sounding awed. "Oh man. That's amazing."

"Mmhmm. Now, your turn." Mark cocked his head, looking at Aaron expectantly.

Aaron squirmed. "Um. Well. There are two reasons she thought I wouldn't freak, actually. Either of them would get me in serious trouble if they got out."

"They won't," Mark said.

"Well, I moved here with my dad. He and mom are divorced. She still lives in New Orleans. They're still friends, though. She just decided she was a lesbian instead of bi."

Mark nodded, giving him an encouraging look.

"She's really the whole secret," Aaron said. "First, she's black. I know I don't look half black, but believe me, I am. I just got my dad's skin and good hair." He looked up at Mark, his eyes serious. "Around here, they'd tear me and Dad apart for that. And he's a nice guy, he couldn't deal with it."

Mark nodded again, but Aaron didn't seem inclined to continue. He just fiddled with a loose thread on one of the pillow cases and avoided Mark's eyes.

Finally, Mark reached down and tilted his chin up to look at him. "What else?" he asked gently.

"Ah... promise you won't freak out?" Aaron asked.

Mark angled his head towards Kristen, pointedly. "Of course."

Aaron took a deep breath. "Well, you've probably guessed that I'm pagan," he said hesitantly. "In a really relaxed way, though, not any particular path. Almost agnostic, really. That kinda disappointed my mom. See, she's... um. She's a voodoo priestess."

Kristen's eyes got very, very wide at that, but she didn't say anything.

Mark raised an eyebrow. "I see. Well, no wonder you didn't freak."

The boy smiled, relieved. "Heh. Yeah. Believe me, Kristen is way not the scariest thing I've ever seen."

"Oh?" Mark blinked suddenly, a thought hitting him. "Do you know anything about ghosts?"

"Ummm... some," Aaron admitted. "I was really rotten at voodoo, though, sir. Mom called me her 'hopeless little white boy'."

Mark pursed his lips, his eyes resting on Kristen. "We've got one here. And we've been having really bad dreams, until Kayla showed us how to ward and shield last night."

Aaron nodded. "Yeah. I knew about the ghost here. I don't think she would hurt you, though. From what I heard, she was the victim in the whole mess."

Looking confused, Mark shook his head. "The dreams... I saw what he did. Others are... I don't know. Not precognition, because I can't ever see me torturing Kristen."

"So..." Aaron looked thoughtful. "If the ghost is sending you the dreams, she's probably trying to warn you."

Mark nodded. "And then there was the message on the mirror. 'Beware. He is near'."

"Fuck." Aaron shivered. "Man, I'm gonna call my mom and have her send some serious charms for you guys. You can keep 'em hid in your clothes."

"I've been paranoid," Mark said. "Utterly paranoid. I wouldn't mind that at all."

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