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Prudence, Chapter 31

Kristen woke late the next morning, around 11am. She yawned, stretching. "Morning. Um... did we drive Kayla home this morning?"

Mark nodded, admiring the way her breasts strained against the sheet. "Yep."

She smiled. "Man... I musta been totally out of it."

"Yeah, you were." He looked at her. "Any more progress on figuring out how you feel about Kayla?"

She looked away. "Um. Yeah. But... I just can't say it, not out loud," she admitted, looking ashamed.

"Do you love her?" he asked softly.

Kristen swallowed hard. "I think so," she whispered.

He bent and kissed her gently. "I love you, Kristen." He stroked her cheek. "You don't have to tell her, but it would make her feel... well, how do you feel when I tell you I love you?"

"I know. I really do," she said. "And I want to, but I just can't."

"Why not?"

"I don't know." She bit her lip. "I try, but I just can't get the words out."

"Scared?" he asked.

"I guess."

He kissed her again. "What's the worst that could happen if you tell her?"

"Nothing... I mean, I know there's nothing to be afraid of," she said, twisting the sheet between her hands. "But I just... freeze."

He pulled her into his arms. "Could you do it if I was holding you and supporting you? Being right there with you?"

"I don't know," she whispered. "Maybe."

"I'm always here for you, my love. Always."

She smiled up at him adoringly. "I know," she said, then glanced at the clock. "I'm nervous."

"Aaron?" he asked, and she nodded.

Mark raised an eyebrow. "You aren't the one who might be losing their virginity tonight, you know."

"You're not the one who's an unholy monster from hell, you know," she countered.

He looked around with feigned alarm. "We have an unholy monster from hell around here?"

She smacked his chest. "You know very well what I mean!"

He blinked at her in innocent confusion and leaned over to peer under the bed.

"You're not funny," she said, though her giggle beforehand proclaimed her a liar. "What if Kayla's wrong and he does freak out and tell people?"

He looked thoughtful. "She said she knew something about him, but couldn't tell us."

She nodded. "But what if it's not as big of a secret to him as she thinks it is?"

"Love, if nothing else, she knows he's bisexual."

True." Kristen sighed. "I don't know. I'm just nervous. I mean, you love me. And you said Kayla's loved me for years... but to someone else, I might really be a demon."

He kissed her again. "I doubt it, love." He looked thoughtful. "Maybe what she knows about him is that he's pagan, too."

"He didn't live here back when the Wilsons died," she pointed out. "He might not even realize that's such a dangerous secret."

"He will if he's talked to Kayla about it."

"Yeah, you're right," she admitted with a smile. "I'm just being silly. Hand me my crutches, and I'll make you some lunch. Though I don't really think I need them... when can I get this cast off, do you think?"

Mark shook his head, frowning. "Not anytime soon, love. You'll need to leave it on as long as it would normally take for your foot to heal."

"Why?" she asked, wrinkling her brow.

"Because otherwise, there would be questions asked."

"Nobody but you and Kayla and Daddy know how bad it was broken."

"And the doctor," he said.

"Well, true... but the doctor is an hour and a half away."

Mark looked down into her hopeful green eyes and couldn't help but waver a bit. "Let me think about it, then," he finally said, and she grinned at him happily.

That morning passed excruciatingly slowly, with both of them growing more and more nervous, until finally, around 2pm, there was a knock at the door. Mark peered through the peephole to find Kayla standing there with a slightly shell-shocked looking Aaron in tow. The boy looked extremely nervous, to the point that he just might faint at a frown or harsh word. Mark opened the door, smiling. "Hi there."

Kayla grinned. "Hi. Can we come in? And do you have any smelling salts?"

He waved them in. "No smelling salts, I'm afraid."

"Ah well," she said. "He'll just have to not pass out, then." She hooked a finger in Aaron's shirt and tugged, pulling him along like a puppy on a string. "C'mon, pretty boy." His blush started somewhere in his shirt and climbed rapidly up his neck to his face as Mark smiled at them before turning to lead them to the living room where Kristen waited.

Aaron was a very pretty 16 year old. It was easy to see where the rumors about him had started. He had longish, curly black hair, and huge, tilted hazel eyes fringed with heavier, darker lashes than most girls ever managed. His face was delicate, with a definite feminine cast. He was tall, close to six feet, and slender without being skinny, with the type of build most commonly associated with dancers, though he still needed to fill out a bit more. His pale skin and tendency to dress in gothic styles did nothing at all to counteract his already effeminate looks, but while he was shy, he was also stubborn, and continued to dress as he pleased rather than as his peers would approve of. He followed Kayla in a daze, looking as if he was totally unable to believe the situation.

Mark sat down beside Kristen on the couch, facing the two of them. "So, what exactly have you told him?" he asked Kayla.

Kayla plopped down in the armchair, looking up at Aaron thoughtfully. "Y'know, Mark, d'you think you could break your 'must not see minors drinking' rule just this once and fix this poor boy a drink? If he gets any tenser, he might shatter."

Looking at Aaron, pale and trembling, Mark found himself agreeing, and quickly went into the kitchen, returning with four glasses, with a couple of inches of vodka in each.

Kayla waited until everyone had a drink and Mark was seated again, then, as he took a drink, grinned evilly. "After all, you're supposed to get virgins drunk before you fuck them."

Mark sprayed vodka all over the room, and she giggled.

Poor Aaron choked, then sat down the drink and collapsed against the arm of her chair, hiding his face in his hands. "You are one mean little chick, Kayla!"

"Yep," she said, with no sign of repentance. "Shoulda never told me you were a masochist."

Mark shook his head, recovering a bit, and looked at Kristen. "Kayla's being bad again." Her lips twitched as she tried not to smile. "I think we should punish her," he went on, "The way we did on the morning after we got married when she scared me to death."

Kayla sniffed. "What? After I brought you a pretty little boy-toy upon which to sate your sick, perverted carnal desires? Ungrateful wretch."

The boy seemed to blush even brighter at that, but he took his hands from his face and folded them in his lap. Or, perhaps, over his lap was a better phrase.

Mark felt Kristen's thigh tighten against his. He looked at Aaron and asked softly, "Is she right? Is that what she brought me?"

Aaron licked his lips, taking two tries to speak. "P-please?"

Mark crooked his finger, motioning him over and patting his lap.

Aaron looked uncertainly at Kayla, who nodded and said, "I suggest you do it now, pretty."

The boy hopped up and crossed the short distance, standing nervously in front of Mark. "Where do you want me... sir?" he asked hesitantly.

Mark was a bit shocked, and more than a bit... way more than a bit... surprised. He had no clue why Kayla hadn't warned him. He glanced down at Kristen, but she seemed to be taking things in stride. She was watching, wide-eyed, but her thigh kept tensing and relaxing against his, a sure sign that she was turned on. He looked up at Aaron. "Sit on my lap, for now," he said finally.

"Yessir." Aaron stepped between Mark's legs and sat carefully on the leg furthest from Kristen. He hunched forward slightly, trying unsuccessfully to hide the erection that pressed painfully against his jeans.

Still very aware of Kristen's wide-eyed fascination, and feeling almost as if he moved through a dream, every action unreal and unavoidable, Mark turned Aaron's head to face him and kissed the boy gently. Aaron moaned, opening his lips immediately. Next to them, Kristen drew in a sharp breath and shivered.

Kayla slid out of the chair and onto the couch beside Kristen, sliding her hand around her lover's waist as Mark continued to kiss Aaron softly, gently, teasing him. He didn't let him deepen the kiss, or go any faster. Aaron whimpered, his whole body tense.

Mark ran his fingers along the boy's jawbone and glanced over at the girls. Kayla had a dreamy smile on her face as she nibbled along Kristen's collarbone. His wife's eyes were locked on the two of them, and her cheeks were flushed. She tilted her neck, giving the other girl better access.

The sheer lust in Kristen's eyes decided him. Mark pulled back. "I think we should all take off our clothes... and maybe move to the bedroom."

"Mmhmmm," Kayla murmured, nuzzling against Kristen's neck. "Wonderful idea."

"Ohhhhh.... I can't believe this is really happening," Aaron whispered reverently. "Please don't let me wake up!"

Kristen seemed unable to speak, so just nodded mutely, licking her lips.

Mark bent to whisper in Aaron's ear, "When we get up there, if you're a very good boy, I might just suck your cock," and he shivered, sliding out of Mark's lap to stare at him eagerly as he stood up and lead them up the stairs.

In the bedroom, Kayla drew Kristen down onto the window seat, where they'd have a good view, and started leisurely undressing her.

Aaron stripped for him willingly, eagerly, though not without blushes, and lay on the bed, letting Mark position his arms and legs as if he were a doll. Mark ran a hand along the boy's thigh, surprised at how silky smooth the skin was, how little hair there was.... The teenager's cock was bigger than his own, standing up hard and quivering. "Do you want my mouth on your cock?" Mark asked.

"Yes, sir. Please!"

Mark looked over at Kristen. "Do you want to feel his mouth on you?"

She squeezed her legs tightly together. "Oh, god... yes, but... not yet. I just want to watch, oh please..." She moaned as Kayla's hand moved up to cup her breast.

He smiled, looking back down at Aaron. "If I suck your cock, are you going to go down on her and make her come? Are you going to do a very good job?"

"Yessir!" he said, eagerly. "I... I've never done it before, but I'll try."

Mark looked back over at Kristen. "Are you sure you don't want him to go down on you before I do him?" he asked, eliciting a whimper from the boy on the bed. "Or while... so you can get a really good view? I think he'd like to taste you... wouldn't you, Aaron?"

"Ohhh... yes, sir! Please please please let me, please, I'll do anything!"

"Please let you what?" Mark asked, smiling.

"P-please let me go down on her, let me t-try to make her come, please sir?" Aaron stammered.

Mark looked over at Kristen inquisitively. Kayla grinned, nudging her to her feet. "Go on, angel," she said. "I know you want to." Kristen stood shakily, looking down at her nervously before walking towards the bed.

Mark motioned Kayla over as well. "I assume you want to watch?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world, Mark," she assured him.

He patted the bed beside him invitingly as he watched Kristen approach and cautiously climb up onto the bed. Kayla sat on the edge of the bed, reaching over to run her nails lightly down Aaron's chest, making him shiver. Mark watched, stroking the boy's balls gently with one fingertip.

Kristen knelt on the bed and closed her eyes for a minute, shivering, as chills spread across her chest, tightening her already hard nipples. She opened her eyes, locking them on Mark's hand.

Mark leaned down, blowing across the tip of Aaron's cock. "You'll have to tell him how to eat you," he said, and the boy groaned, hands clenched in the covers, fighting to stay still.

"Ah-ah-ah, no moving," Mark chided gently, and smiled at the frustrated whimper.

"Yes, sir. I'm s-sorry, sir."

Kristen crawled up nervously, kneeling over the boy's head. He looked up at her, wide-eyed. "J-just lick," she whispered breathlessly, and reached down to brush her clit with her fingers. "Here." She lowered herself onto his mouth with a hungry moan.

As Mark leaned forward and nuzzled at his balls, Aaron licked eagerly, desperate to show them how willing he was, obviously wanting so very badly to please. Mark watched Kristen's reactions -- the little moans, the sighs, the thrust of her hips -- and rewarded Aaron with extra nibbles and licks anytime he did a particularly good job, but still focused only on his balls. Aaron's cock slapped against his stomach, rock hard, the tip glistening with precum, large and quite thick, with an odd little inward bend right beneath the head.

The boy learned as he went along, repeating the things that seemed to please her the most as Mark nuzzled against him, watching and waiting for her to come. It didn't take long. Watching Mark's face brush against the hard dick had her so close, that after just a few moments, the very next time Aaron ran his tongue across her clit just right, she screamed and pressed hard against his lips as she started to come.

Mark grabbed his dick as soon as she started, lowering his mouth onto it, sucking and licking as his hand stroked up and down. Aaron gasped, them moaned loudly. Kristen whimpered, rubbing her clit against his lips, coming again as Mark bobbed his head up and down.

Kayla reached out, roughly tweaking Aaron's nipples, and he shuddered. "Ah! Yes.... Oh, please.... I can't.... can't last long, sir! So good.... Ooooh!" Mark didn't stop, just pressed his tongue flat against the cock in his mouth and moved his other hand down to tease at Aaron's asshole.

"Oh gods!" Aaron groaned as Kristen slid off of him. "If... if you do that, I'll come! Oh please!"

Kristen crawled down between Kayla's legs, resting her head on the other girl's thigh and licking her clit as she watched, fascinated, with her own hand between her legs.

Mark pulled his mouth off just long enough to say, "Tell them what I'm doing." His finger continued to tease at the boy's ass. "Beg," he demanded.

Aaron complied without the slightest hesitation. "Oh please, sir, please! Please suck my cock, please put your fingers in my ass. Fuck it, oh please fuck it," he begged. "It feels so good, so good!"

Mark sucked the boy's cock back into his mouth, as deep as he could, while he slid a finger up the tight, hot ass. Aaron screamed and thrashed beneath him, his cock jerking in Mark's mouth as he started to come.

Mark swallowed the first spurt, then pulled off, letting it hit his lips as he pumped Aaron's cock in his hand, before leaning down to give Kristen a long, slow, deep kiss. She moaned and kissed him hungrily, one hand furiously rubbing her cunt as she came again, the other fucking two fingers in and out of Kayla's tight pussy.

Aaron moaned, his cock still twitching weakly and oozing cum. He lay there, totally limp, breathing hard, and his cock softened, but only for about five seconds because Mark's finger was still in his ass, pressing gently. Mark looked down at him as he straightened up and Kristen ducked back down to lick Kayla's cunt. "Aaron... I haven't come yet," he said. "Would you like me to fuck you?"

The boy's eyes were huge. "Oh gods! Yes, sir, oh yes. I... I've never done it before."

"Neither have I," Mark admitted, then looked down at the girls. "Which of you wants to be the first woman he fucks?"

Kayla shivered and answered immediately. "Me. My very own pet virgin... ah, Kris!" She threw her head back, moaning. "Oh, lover, that's so good..."

Mark smiled. "Get on your knees, then, straddling Kris's face, and he can fuck you from behind while I fuck him."

"Oh yes!" Kayla said eagerly. "Kris love, c'mon. Swing around and I can lick you, too." She gently pushed Kristen over onto her back and straddled her face, her legs spread and ass raised, and buried her head between her lover's slick thighs.

Aaron knelt uncertainly beside them, glancing at Mark for direction.

Mark smeared thick grease on his cock and licked his lips. "Put your cock in her, Aaron. And then, I'm going to fuck you."

The boy hesitated. "Sir... I... are you sure? She's so little! I don't want to hurt anyone..."

Mark smiled. "She wants it, Aaron. So give it to her."

Kayla raised her head and looked back over her shoulder, growling. "Damned straight. Fuck me, pretty boy. Slide that sweet cock of yours inside me. Make me come. Do it now!" With a loud groan, she dived back between Kristen's legs.

He swallowed hard. "Yes, ma'am." He moved up behind Kayla and gathered Kristen's hair and moved it carefully aside before pressing the head of his cock against Kayla's cunt. He was trembling as he slid inside. "Ah! So tight... so hot... oh yes!" His balls brushed against Kristen's forehead and he moaned. "Yes, yes please!" he gasped, looking pleadingly over his shoulder at Mark.

Mark stroked Aaron's lower back, then moved his hand down to press the boy's ass cheeks apart as he carefully guided the head of his cock up against the tight, virgin ass. Aaron whimpered, lust mixed with fear, and pushed back against him, gasping as the head of Mark's cock stretched his asshole.

Slowly, slowly, Mark slid into his ass, and he cried out. "Oh! Oh, sir... it hurts... so good. Please don't stop, please fuck me!"

Mark obliged, starting to slide in and out, faster, harder, faster still, shoving the boy against Kayla as he buried his cock in his tight, hot ass.

"Oh YES!" Aaron shouted. "Harder, harder! Fuck me, hurt me, ahh!" Mark fucked him harder, faster, slamming into him, getting closer and closer to coming himself.

Aaron's ass was tight, as tight as Kayla's virgin cunt had been, and it clenched his cock hard with every stroke. The boy fucked back against him, plunging his cock in and out of the moaning girl beneath him, and Mark stiffened, unable to last any longer, coming deep in his ass.

Aaron screamed, burying his cock to the hilt in Kayla's cunt, writhing on the cock spurting in his ass. His hips twitched spasmodically as he came, completely unable to hold back once he felt the heat of Mark's cum up his virgin ass.

Kristen whimpered, raising her head and licking at the cum oozing out around Aaron's cock as Kayla regained some semblance of coordination and redoubled her efforts between her legs.

Kayla used her hands to spread Kristen's cunt lips, sliding two fingers inside as she licked her clit expertly, sucking and lapping at the little nub until Kristen cried out and shuddered beneath her, writhing wildly but keeping her own lips fastened around Kayla's twitching clit.

Aaron collapsed over Kayla's back, seemingly too weak to move as Mark slowly worked his cock out of his ass. The boy moaned softly, his ass squeezing, as if he were unwilling to let go of Mark's cock. He whimpered, then whispered, "So good, so very, very good," before sliding off of Kayla to sprawl weakly on the bed and Mark collapsed next to him.

Kayla rolled off of Kristen, turning around and gathering the other girl in her arms, kissing her thoroughly, licking at her lips and face. Mark felt Aaron's cock harden slightly against his side. "Oh, fuck," the boy whispered, awed. "She's gorgeous. I didn't believe it. Fuck."

"Hm?" Mark opened his eyes and looked over at Kristen. She was glowing brighter than he'd ever seen her. At least a 14 on a 1-10 scale. The glow was thick, somehow, and looked like it should be touchable. Her eyes were half closed, and she was still breathing hard. She kissed Kayla back, licking herself from the other girl's lips, and reached up to caress her cheek with one brilliant hand. She wrapped her arms around the smaller girl, hands stroking up and down her back. Where she touched, a trail of light followed, clinging to Kayla's skin. She whispered something against Kayla's cheek, and the girl's grey eyes flew open in amazed wonder.

Kayla smiled with quivering lips and blinked back tears, then kissed Kristen again, hard. "I love you too, angel. So much... gods, so much!"

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