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Prudence, Chapter 18

The arcade was a great success with the girls. Mark mostly watched, enjoying seeing them laughing and playing together. Kristen's delight was particularly infectious . . . it was obvious that this simple entertainment, however commonplace it was to the other teenagers occupying the arcade, was something new and special to her, and the adoring gratitude on her face every time she looked at him was almost painful for him.

Kristen wasn't very good at videogames, though. She was far from being upset about it, though. Instead, she laughed frequently and with good grace at her own ineptitude. She was particularly bad at any game involving shooting or any other kind of violence, especially since the animated gore tended to make her flinch, close her eyes, and turn away from the screen. Kayla, on the other hand, was quite good at such games; they were her favorites. She tried to help Kristen, but soon gave up with a smile and led her over to the row of jet-ski simulators, instead, where Kristen's sense of balance and her strong thighs leant her natural talent.

Watching her straddle the machine in the short little skirt sh ewore made Mark damned glad he was married to her. There were about a dozen teenage boys also watching who would do anything to be in his position. He kept an eye on them, just in case any of them got any ideas. It wasn't necessary, though. When a couple of the boys did work up the nerve to approach her and ask her out, she just smiled sweetly and told them she was there with her girlfriend. They left her alone after that, though they looked as if they might cry. Mark tried to surpress his smirk as they left.

After about an hour in the loud, crowded arcade, the girls were ready to leave. The room Steven had rented them was actually a honeymoon suite, fully stocked, including champaign, strawberries, and massage oils. It had a living room, bedroom, and a bathroom with a large, luxurious shower and a huge jacuzzi, too. The girls grew quiet and nervous as they entered the suite.

Kristen wrapped her arms around him and asked, hesitantly, if he'd stay in the living room for a bit while they 'got ready'. He kissed her gently and assured her that whatever she wanted him to do, he would. She took Kayla's hand and, with a nervous smile back at him, disappeared into the bedroom.

He was left waiting for quite a while. He could hear the shower running, then the girls talking too quietly for him to really hear, and the rustle of bags and the occassional giggle. Finally, Kristen called quietly from the bedroom, "Mark? You can come in now." With a smile, he walked to the door, but stopped dead still, staring, when he pushed it open.

They'd obviously hit a Victoria's Secret or similar while they were shopping. Kristen was dressed in silky white lace that covered everything but hid nothing. Her red-gold hair was loose and flowing down her back and swept up from her face on one side, pinned with a white satin rose. Kayla her opposite, dressed in an almost identical outfit, but in black. Her wild curls were piled on top of her head in a loose mass and tied with a red satin ribbon, curls escaping to trail down her shoulders. They both wore thigh-high stockings and dainty heels that matched the skimpy teddies. They lay side by side on the bed, with room for him in the middle.

Mark swallowed hard. "Wow."

Kayla grinned at him as he started to strip. "The incitements to child abuse are my present for you. Though I'll admit I nearly got matching Catholic schoolgirl uniforms instead."

"Oooooh," he groaned as he slid into bed between them. "Maybe you'll buy those for Christmas."

Kristen giggled. Kayla's grin broadened. "Dirty old man," she said fondly.

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Well duh." He turned his quizzical gaze to Kristen. "So do I get to know what my other present is now?" he asked, and they both blushed. Kayla's face grew serious as she looked at Kristen nervously.

Kristen licked her lips, then made herself meet his eyes. "Yes. My present to you is . . . Kayla." The way she said it implied more than the playing they'd done together before. He knew without asking that it was the girl's virginity that was being offered, nothing less.

He stared down into her eyes intently. "Love . . . are you sure?"

She nodded. "Yes," she whispered, "I'm sure."

He turned to look at Kayla. "Are you sure?" he asked gently.

She licked her lips nervously but gave him a quick nod. "Y..yes," she squeaked, blushing. "I'm sure, too."

He smiled at her then reached up to caress her cheek reassuringly before turning back to Kristen. "If everyone is sure . . . then I think we should make her first time as special as possible, don't you?" he asked. "Maybe you could start with a nice massage?"

Kristen nodded. "We, um, got some . . . stuff . . . from Spencers," she said with a blush.

He grinned and raised an eyebrow. "Sounds fun."

She giggled and ran to fetch the bag, which turned out to contain a couple hundred dollars worth of Kama Sutra products: honeydust, several massage oils, scented candles, bath salts, body gels, creams, and lotions. "They had some testers out and . . . well . . . it all smelled so good, and this stuff," she said, pulling out the honeydust, "Is just delicious!"

"The greenish massage oil isn't bad, either," Kayla added. "It smells wonderful."

Mark smiled. "Oh, yeah, that stuff is wonderful, but . . . " He shook his head, an exagerrated frown on his face. "But we can't put it on with all that clothing on y'all."

Kristen grinned at Kayla. "Told you he wouldn't let us wear em for long!"

"Well," he said, holding up the honeydust, "Do you want your body covered it this or not?" She giggled happily and crawled over to start stripping Kayla. Mark smiled and moved up behind Kristen, undressing her as she undressed Kayla.

After removing Kristen's shoes, he slid his hand under the loose legs of the lace teddy and found the snap at the crotch. He unsnapped it and slid it upwards, bending forward and nibbling at her cuntlips as they were exposed. She giggled and looked back over her shoulder as she reached back and pushed him away. "Be good. We're making love to Kayla right now."

"That doesn't mean we can't make love to each other, too," he said, then ran his tongue along her perineum.

She moaned and squirmed away, but smiled at him sweetly. "I know, but not this time. It's a present for her, too!"

He grinned at her and nodded agreeably. "Alright, love, whatever you say." He planted one last kiss on the smooth curve of her hip, then lay down beside Kayla. The dark-haired girl was very nervous, her grey eyes wide and her breathing fast. He bent forward, kissing her gently as Kristen slid the lace teddy off of her shoulders and down her hips, leaving her only in the silky black thigh-high hose.

She returned the kiss hesitantly, with a nervous glance at Kristen, who smiled up at her. Mark kept the kiss light and gentle, with just enough passion to show how much he wanted her, but without pushing, letting her keep control of it. After a while, she pulled away slightly, licking her lips. "Have you ever . . . um . . . with a virgin before?"

He shook his head. "No. But I've had a lot of female friends, and I talked to a couple of them who had really good first times about what made it good."

She swallowed hard. "O..okay."

He ran a finger along her cheek, then his thumb gently across her trembling lips. "I'd like you to be on top for your first time. They say that helps."

"Okay," she whispered, and tried to smile. "I'm not scared," she lied.

He kissed her. "Bullshit. But that's okay. I'll try to make it good for you," he promised with a smile.

Kristen raised up and leaned over, planting a quick kiss on Mark's hip. "He will," she said earnestly. "He's wonderful, better than anyone I've ever known. You'll love it, sweetie; it's amazing." Kayla smiled weakly down at her, reaching out to stroke her hair, and seemed to draw courage from having her there, because she sighed contentedly and lay back, leaving herself open to their caresses.

Mark reached for the bottle of massage oil that Kayla had liked so much and poured a generous amount in his cupped hand before passing it down to Kristen. Slowly, gently, they rubbed the fragrant oil into Kayla's soft skin, Mark working on the upper body, Kristen expertly kneading the tension from her curvy little legs and following the slick path of her hands with her lips. Beneath their hands, it was impossible for Kayla to remain tense, and she gradually relaxed, closing her eyes in pleasure.

Teasingly, Mark took his time rubbing the oil all around Kayla's breasts, over her ribs and stomach, then back up, kissing her all the while. He kept his lips on her lips, then her chin, her neck, back up to her lips as he started to caress her breasts, but still didn't quite touch her nipples. Kristen, watching him for cues, could tell that he was trying to build Kayla's arousal as high as possible, wanting her desperately turned on. She slowly made her way up Kayla's legs until she was licking the inner crease of her thighs, her soft cheek brushing ever so slightly against the girl's soft cuntlips.

Seeing that, Mark deepened his kiss, his tongue thrusting hotly between Kayla's lips, hard and demanding. The little virgin moaned, wrapping her arms around his head and pulling his mouth tightly to hers. He kissed her long and hard, sliding his oil-coated hand down her stomach, rubbing in little circles that made her quiver, chills spreading across her chest and tightening her already hard nipples.

Mark pulled back a bit, leaving her panting and breathless, and looked down to see Kristen blowing gently across Kayla's clit, her mouth a fraction of an inch away, nearly touching but not quite. He nibbled gently on her lower lip.

Kayla whimpered, tugging on Kristen's hair, trying to get her to press her lips to her aching clit. Kristen looked up at Mark questioningly. Very, very, very lightly, he brushed a finger across Kayla's nipple as she shook his head slightly in answer. With a slightly disappointed look, Kristen lowered her head and started licking all around Kayla's cunt, the side of her tongue just barely brushing her cuntlips, never once touching her clit.

"Ohhhhh!" Kayla squealed. "Please! Pleasepleaseplease!" She sobbed in frustration as Kristen gently sucked on the lower edge of her inner labia.

Mark kissed her hotly and pressed his rock-hard erection against her bare thigh. Kayla gasped and reached for him, her small hand wrapping gently around his cock. Her eyes widened as she felt the hardness of it. She was suddenly nervous at its size, now that the prospect of it being inside her was imminent. He kissed his way from her mouth down her jaw and the side of her neck, lingering at the hollow at the base of her throat. She moaned loudly, her hand tightening around him.

His lips moved up, and he whispered against her ear, "When you are ready, Kayla. Not til then. No rush. We could do this all night, if you'd rather."

"Goddess no! Ah . . . bastard . . . please, please touch me!"

He smiled and looked down at Kristen, holding up one finger and making a quick, licking motion with his tongue.

Kristen licked quickly across Kayla's clit, just once, and Kayla screamed and arched off the bed. "Oh fuck! Oh please!"

Mark kissed the side of her neck. "Are you ready, then?"

She whimpered, writhing on the bed, trying to capture Kristen's tongue with her clit again. "Please please please!"

"Do you want it?" he asked, as he rubbed his cock against her leg.

"Ooooooh . . . " She shuddered. "Oh Mark . . . yes! Yes, I want it. Oh goddess . . . "

He rolled over on his back, tugging at her. "Kristen, love, why don't you straddle my legs behind her, and kiss her and play with her clit?" he suggested as Kayla moved to straddle his hips, her eyes widening as her cunt pressed against the underside of his cock. Kristen quickly knelt behind her, wrapping her arms around the smaller girl, hand going between her legs to gently tease at her clit as she licked the soft, sensitive spot beneath and behind Kayla's ear. She cupped one of Kayla's soft, round breasts with the other hand, flicking her thumbover the nipple. Kayla moaned loudly and rubbed herself against Mark's cock.

He reached out and lightly ran the tips of his fingers over Kayla's stomach, making her shiver and suck in her breath sharply. He moved his hips, rubbing his cock against her cunt, and she shivered again, not sure what to do now, lost in the sensations. He licked his lips, looking up at her lust-glazed eyes, then looked at Kristen. "Aim me, love?" he asked hoarsely.

Kristen, breathing hard herself, shuddered and nodded. She drew back slightly, sliding down between Mark's spread legs, trailing her lips down Kayla's back all the way. Reaching between the other girl's legs, rubbing her knuckles against the wet slit as she did so, she wrapped her hand around Mark's cock. She wriggled down between his legs and burrowed underneath for a moment, her forehead pressed to Kayla's cunt as she stretched out her tongue to lap at Mark's balls.

He moaned, shivering, as he slipped his fingertips down to graze against Kayla's cuntlips. Kristen tugged his cock gently free, moving it upwards as she pressed her face up against Kayla's cunt, gently urging her to lift her hips.

Kayla groaned loudly and straightened her knees, raising up slightly so that Kristen could press the head of Mark's cock against her slick cunt. Mark licked his lips, looking up at Kayla and devoting his entire will to resisting the urge to thrust up into her tight little cunt. He was determined to let her control the penetration, to lay still beneath her for as long as she needed.

She whimpered when she felt his cock at the opening of her cunt, and her hips twitched involuntarily. His cock slid into her a fraction of an inch, the broad head spreading her little cuntlips, stretching them taught around him. Her cunt clenched, squeezing the tip of his cock, and he moaned. "Oh, gods, that feels so good, Kayla," he whispered.

Kristen caressed his balls gently, her tongue still licking at Kayla's cunt from behind, where it was stretched around Mark's cock. Kayla was breathing hard, her chest flushed with excitement. "Ah! Oh, oh gods . . . I can't believe this is really happening. Oh, yes, yes, yes! Oh Kris . . . that feels so good!" Mark gently pinched her nipples, cupping her breasts in his hands, unable to keep his cock from twitching inside of her.

Kayla's cunt was dripping wet, literally. Drops of moisture coated the head of his cock and rolled down it to be licked up by Kristen's hungry little tongue. He trembled with the effort not to move, not to thrust upwards into the hot, tight cunt poised on his cock. Kristen slid upwards, and Kayla gasped and jerked her hips. "Kris! OH YES!" She slid a couple of inches onto his cock, and he could feel the tight, thin barrier of her virginity stretched against his cock, her cunt so tight it was nearly painful.

She whimpered loudly, and though he couldn't see what Kristen was doing . . . she was hidden behind Kayla, so all he could see was her lower body and the pooled mass of her hair behind the other girl . . . he had a pretty good idea, given the way Kayla was reacting, and the thought of his sweet wife licking Kayla's ass as his cock pressed into her virginal cunt was nearly too much for him. He tensed, flexing the muscles at the base of his cock, clenching his jaw as he fought for control.

Kayla squirmed, moaning as his cock twitched inside her. "So good . . . oh, oh, oh!" She shuddered again, and consciouly lowered herself against his cock, groaning with pleasure until it stretched the thin membrane nearly to breaking, then she whimpered pitifully. "Slowly," he said soothingly. "Slowly, Kayla. Don't hurt yourself."

"Ah! Oh . . . oh Mark . . . I can't wait, I don't want to wait! I want it now, so bad." She shivered again. "I just can't make myself do it. Help me," she begged, "Please help me, I want it!"

He eased out of her just a bit, relaxing the pressure, and put his hands on her hips to hold her there as she tried to slide back down. "Shhh....easy," he whispered, moving slowly in and out, just a bit. She moaned loudly, the sound one of utter frustration, and he smiled. He slid his hands up to squeeze her breasts, tweaking her nipples hard as he thrust suddenly upwards.

She screamed as his cock thrust suddenly through her hymen, and her knees gave out so that she sank down onto him, pressing him all the way into her cunt. He could feel her clit pressed against the base of his cock, her little hole stretched so tight that it rubbed with every tiny quiver of movement. By great feat of will, he held still, giving her time to get used to the feeling. He raised his head, pulling her down so that he could kiss her.

She screamed again, and her cunt clenched hard around his cock. "Kris! Oh my GOD! Oh fuck yes!" She shivered, and her hips started to move up and down, tiny fast movements, as she fell forward and kissed him hard. He began to move beneath her, the thrust of his tongue in her mouth matching the thrust of his cock in her cunt.

Kristen whimpered and rubbed her cunt against Mark's knee, unseen behind Kayla, but obviously not unfelt. She slid a hand between his legs and one long, slender finger probed gently at his ass. He moaned into Kayla's mouth as Kristen's lips dipped down, brushing against his balls before she moved back up, licking Kayla's tiny asshole as the other girl started to move rapidly on Mark's cock. He thrust up faster to meet her, having to fight to hold back his orgasm.

Kayla's cunt was so tight, even as wet as it was, that it was hard to move inside her. It squeezed his cock all the way to the base when she thrust down, and sucked it as she slid up. "Oh, gods," he moaned, "So good . . . so tight . . . " Kristen slid her finger all the way up his ass, and her tongue made Kayla stiffen and start to moan continuously, her voice rising in pitch. Her cunt tightened convulsively around Mark's cock, so hard it would have been painful if he weren't right on the edge of coming, squeezing with rapid, fluttering motions as she started to come. She screamed, her body whipping itself back and forth on top of him.

With a loud groan, he thrust hard, shoving his cock in as far as he could as he started to come, Kristen's finger fucking his ass seeming to make his orgasm go on forever as Kayla writhed in mindless pleasure on his cock. He could feel Kristen pressing hard against his leg, and could feel the twitching pulse of her cunt as feeling the two of them coming together pushed her over the edge.

Kristen slipped her finger out of him and collapsed between his legs, breathing hard, as Kayla fell forward and lay limply on his chest, his cock still buried inside her. She shuddered, relaxing slowly as he stroked her back.

"Was it what you hoped for?" he asked softly.

"Oh gods . . . " She shivered. "I can't even begin to describe it."

He smiled and reached down to her hips, trying to tug her upwards to straddle his head. She moaned, but gave in to his urging, letting him lift her onto his face. As soon as her cunt slid off of him, Kristen moved up, taking his still-hard cock into her mouth.

He began to lick Kayla, his tongue running from her clit to her asshole in broad, flat strokes, his tongue dipping into her cunt. She started to whimper again, twitching with every stroke of his tongue. His cock got even harder as Kristen sucked him deep into her mouth, her tongue swirling around his cock, licking it clean.

He shivered and kept licking, determined to make Kayla come again as he licked the cum out of her cunt. He could taste the blood from her torn hymen, too, sharp against his tongue when he slid it between her cuntlips to brush against the little bit of torn flesh. She seemed to like that, though, shuddering in delight every time he did it.

It didn't take much to make her come again; she was still right on edge. It was probably less than a minute before she screamed and would have fallen if it weren't for his hands on her hips, holding her up as if her entire body were suspended where it met his mouth. He didn't stop when she came; his tongue kept insistently stroking against her, his hands held her pressed against him though she screamed and twisted, writhing on his face. His cock was suddenly bobbing in the chill air, slapping against his stomach as Kristen released it, but only for a moment. He felt her move up and straddle his hips, sinking her hot cunt all the way onto his cock.

Kristen pulled Kayla's upper body back against her chest, kissing her hard and squeezing her breasts as Mark slid down, his tongue darting back to lick all around her asshole as he thrust up into Kristen's cunt.

Kayla shuddered and started to come, hard, over and over again, squealing, unable to even draw breath as one of Kristen's hands moved down and started stroking her clit.

Kristen milked his cock with her cunt, her strong, expert muscles moving over it in waves. He stiffened and came hard, his tongue stabbing up into Kayla's ass, tongue-fucking her as Kristen's cunt fluttered around his cock. Kayla screamed loudly once more, then passed out, falling totally limp in their arms as Kristen squeezed her tightly to her chest, crying out herself and shuddering hard.

Mark didn't pass out, quite, but little lights swirled in his vision, and his ears roared. His skin was so sensitive that the currents in the air were exquisite torture as the room seemed to spin around him for a while. Once some semblance of thought returned to him, he opened his eyes to check on the girls. Kayla was still totally limp against his chest, and Kristen was slumped forward on top of her, arms still wrapped tightly around the unconscious girl, her own green eyes closed and her body limp. She was also glowing like a star. Far, far brighter than he'd ever seen before.

He just watched them for a long moment, gently stroking every bit of skin he could reach, before he finally nudged Kayla, "Hey. You okay?" There was no answer, and he hastily checked to make sure she was breathing. She was; in fact, he could actually see her heartbeat vibrating her breasts. He smiled and carefully reached and tugged Kristen up to lay beside him, then slowly and genly shifted Kayla down between them before pulling the covers over all of them. Kristen sighed, not opening her eyes, and threw a leg over Kayla, her arm reaching across her for Mark.

Mark reached across to her, his arm around both of them, pulling them close, and Kayla murmured softly, snuggling down between them. He smiled again and closed his eyes.

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